Clavering Parish Council 

Clavering Parish Council 

Allotment Report

Allotment Report – April 2020


1. Complaint about debris going into farmers field and also in a ditch.

   Field Rubbish:  Clavering had some pretty windy weather a few weeks back and I would say that there is a possibility that the prevailing wind then , which came from the west-ish as it blew down my house's trees along the B1038, picked up some rubbish which was carried into the ditch.

Rubbish in the ditch alongside the southern boundary with the houses: There is a large overgrown hedge at this location. I cannot see how the rubbish gets into the ditch from the allotments and Mike assured me, again, that it came for the adjoining house, not the allotments.

(see photos).


2. Concerns of holders voiced when I was there.

It seems that people are walking their dogs though the allotment grounds during Covid-19 lockdown.

The holders were sent by CPC the Covid-19 advice per the Nat Allotment Society so were a tad upset by others strolling through there for a dog walk!

There are v. old signs up saying no dogs allowed - so I have printed and laminated a few saying no dogs permitted and attached them to the allotment gates.

Have also put up similar signs saying 'Covid- 19: Allotment holders only permitted to enter.'

Both signs say thank you!


3. Thames Water Fresh Mains that feeds down the PC road to the Sewerage works

Mike (and other holders there when I visited!) let me know that the Thames fresh mains pipe was leaking. Mike has been chasing them and is sorting them out! A man on a mission!! Will keep you updated. 


4. CPC Fresh Mains Water Meter for the Allotments.

When Affinity came out to look at the Thames leak, they checked the PC's water meter. Seems there is a leak at the meter so it is being replaced.


Cllr Gill 

25th April 2020