Clavering Parish Council 

Clavering Parish Council 

CPC Covid 19 Risk Assessment

COVID-19  LOCKDOWN 23 MARCH 2020                  RISK ASSESSMENT

Pre Government Regulations dated 2nd April effective 4th April

Identified RiskRecommendation

 Councillors cannot meet  as not permitted 1. Meetings suspended and  to wait in the passing of The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020

2.  CPC’s Financial Regulations provide that invoices presented for payment for amounts less than £500 and falling under the amount in the agreed Annual Budget may be authorised by the Clerk with reference to the Chairman. 

3.  Clerk refers all payments falling due and also outside budget amounts to the Councillors for email comment and voting as a matter of due course. Recorded in minutes of next meeting

4. Writing of cheques; cheque book sent by registered post to the Chairman who will write cheques as fall due, obtain signatures  and post to suppliers. Payin slip for Clerk's Account also sent to chairman to allow that account to be 'topped up'

5. CPC is a consultee for Planning Applications. Clerk may seek comments from Councillors and respond to UDC reffering to the NPPF and UDC Local Plan. Recorded in next meeting minutes.

6. Employment Matters - in abeyance for time being 

7. Complaints - per EALC advice complainent to be asked this be put in hold if complanints committee/full council required to take action.

8. FOI requests - can be handled as normal

9. All non urgent business postponed

Illness of ClerkOne Councillor at least is able to take on the RFO tasks . Chairman and Vicechair able to Clerk, and also use EALC for any further advice/help required

Post Government Regulations dated 2nd April effective 4th April

For meeting 11th May onwards: 

Identified RiskRecommendation

Illness of ClerkOne Councillor at least is able to take on the RFO tasks . Chairman and Vicechair able to Clerk, and also use EALC for any further advice/help required

 Councillors cannot meet as not permitted Virtual Meetings are permitted by Government Regulations Receommendation is Zoom . Cost £11.99 per month 

see 4 above

Meeting not quorate but not through illnessAll councillors to be supported in using Zoom

Meeting not quorate through illness See recommendation listed 1-9 as above.

Virtual Meeting not secureZoom Meeting information sent out to Councillors. Parishioners to apply to the Clerk for the meeting info. Password required and ' waiting room' set up before the meeting

Confidential Business to be discussed in meetingIf meeting follows Full Council Meeting, recess to permit a new confidential Zoom room to be entered.

2020 Annual General & Parish MeetingsPer Government Regulations, these will now be 2021

Internal Auditor unable to work on final accountsA.Confirmation to be sought if all well. Files can be taken to Auditor and social distancing maintained, with queries being responded to over the phone/email.

B. EALC to be contacted if Internal Auditor unable to carry out work.

Delay End of Year Financial Statement and AGARDates altered by Government Regulations. Returns now to be submitted by 31st July. 

Wet signature' required for AGARCan be achieved by social distancing

Period for Exercise of Public RitesDates altered by Governement Regulations. Now must include only 1st September 2020

Emergency Works to Parish Landsee 2-4 above.

Employment Matters: handling ofEmployment Committee, and Clerk if required,  may meet via Confidential Zoom if required

Complaints: Handling ofPer EALC advice to wait until able to discuss

Legal Matters: Handling ofVirtual Meetings are permitted.

Allotments Holders at RiskNational Allotments Covid-19 advice letter sent to all holders. Only Allotment holders to visit  holders. Signs placed on Allotment gates 

Defibrillator - checking if 'rescue ready'This can still be carried out. Additional Covid -19 information has been placed in box along with clean cloth towel and nitrile gloves.

Hard copies of PC Monthly NewsletterNot being hand delivered. 

Hard copies placed on PC NoticeBoard of Update dd 25th March and mini Newsletter dd 26th April (emailed to parishioners on listing)