Clavering Parish Council 

Clavering Parish Council 

May PC Newsletter




   Issue 155    26th April 2020

   Editor: Stephanie Gill                       email:               

Parish Council Meetings update:

As Covid – 19 lockdown continues, the Parish Council is following guidelines and will next meet ‘virtually’ on Monday 11th May via Zoom, with parishioners being able to attend the meeting in the same way. This is permitted by the new Government Regulations.

It will be an ordinary meeting as the 2020 Annual General Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting will now both take place in May 2021- again as directed by Government Regulations.

Please contact the Clerk by email for the meeting ID and required password if you wish to ‘attend’. It is for security reasons that these will not be placed in the public domain but are made available on application for each meeting scheduled.

For the first meeting, the agenda will be minimal and there will not be public participation section (the latter under Standard Orders is always at the discretion of the Chairman) whilst the PC ensures that the technology and councillors are a good fit! The Clerk will explain at the start of the meeting how all will – or should! – work. It is hoped that the agenda will be expanded as necessary at future meetings.

The agenda for this meeting will be published in the normal fashion and placed on the new PC website and the PC Noticeboard at the Shop.


If you have any matters to raise with the Clerk for the attention of the Parish Council please continue to contact her as before.


Parish Council End of Year Financial Statements and AGAR:

The Government Regulations have altered the dates for this.

Parish Councils must now complete their returns before 1st September 2020.

The dates for the inspection of the accounts by parishioners (Period for the Exercise of Public Rights) are now a 30 working-day period which must include the day of 1st September 2020.

The paperwork relating to this and stating the dates will be posted on the website and the PC notice board in the coming months and will include details of how to apply to the Clerk.


VE-75 Celebrations:

The Jubilee Field Committee obviously cannot now host a village event for this as was hoped, nor be sure of the possibility of an event for VJ-75 around the 15th August.

So, for the 8th – 11th May weekend perhaps parishioners could decorate their houses in red, white and blue to commemorate the end of World War Two? 

It would be great if as many as possible could join the ‘Nations Toast to the Heroes of WW2’ by standing up and raising a glass of refreshment at 3pm on the 8th May. This easily can be undertaken in the safety of one’s own home or garden. 

The suggested toast is: To those who gave so much, we thank you.

There is also the thought that the traditional street party could be replaced by neighbours having a picnic tea in their own front gardens – do participate in this way but only if you feel it is safe to do so. 


Jubilee Field Adventure Playground:

The equipment remains out of use following advice re. Covid-19.

Fundraising for the replacement playground equipment will begin in earnest as soon as is possible.



Per Covid-19 advice, only holders of the allotments plots should be visiting there.

The Allotments are not regarded as a public open space at this time. 

Clavering Fete 23rd June:

This has been postponed and the Fete Committee will advise further information when known.


New Parish Council Website :

This is now live, though there were a few hiccoughs as lockdown took place and due to Council illness.

It is still in the process of being updated with information. Please contact the Clerk if you wish to access any information that is not yet posted there. There is a direct messaging link from the website.


Further information at this time: 

The Facebook pages of the Parish Council, the Clavering Village and the Clavering and Langley Coronavirus Community Help Group post information links.  

I am sure that the whole village is most grateful to the villagers who set up these pages and those who post the useful information there – this includes which local businesses are open/delivering food, etc.

It is noteworthy that Essex CC uses this form of social media to disseminate information quickly.  

(See information links below)


Uttlesford Local Plan

District Councillors will be considering this at an Extraordinary Council Meeting, Thursday 30th April. 



To villagers who are supporting fellow villagers through these challenging times in any way;

For the village Community Initiatives and their volunteers, such as the Help Card distributed to all homes, ‘patrolling’ shop customer numbers, & etc.;

To those who contributed in any way to the cotton mask making – an initiative which supported not just Clavering but also members of the wider community;

To those who work each day to keep people safe and healthy or care for people in need




Chair: Stephanie Gill:    Vice Chair: Robert Clayton: 

Councillors:  Brian Barrow:    Richard Carter:    Nigel Cook:

   Ron Couchman:    Mike Patmore:    Martina Ryan:   Rebecca Stanford: 

              Clerk: Mrs Jess Ashbridge:  07986 914991    Email:

Parish Council Address: Clavering Clerk. PO Box 1376, CAMBRIDGE, CB1 0GS

The Clerk’s availability to parishioners is usually Tuesday 11am–2pm & Thursday 11am-2pm


Information Links:


Clavering Parish Council:     

Clavering Village Group:     

Clavering and Langley Coronavirus Community Help Group:



Uttlesford Community Response:   03333 408218 or 

Uttlesford District Council: 

Uttlesford Frontline:                  


Essex County Council:            

Essex Coronavirus Action:    

Essex Welfare Service:          


Citizens Advice Bureau:               01799 618840   or


 Kemi Badenoch MP: