Draft March 2020 Minutes

Minutes of the Clavering Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 9th March 2020 at 7:30pm in Clavering Christian Centre.
Present – Councillors Stephanie Gill (Chairman), Rob Clayton, Richard Carter, Nigel Cook, Michael Patmore, Brian Barrow, Ron Couchman, Martina Ryan.

6 members of the public were in attendance, District Councillor Oliver and County Councillor Gooding

1. Chairmanwelcome-TheChairmanthankedeveryoneforattending.Sheapologisedthatthemicrophoneshad not been left out for the meeting and endeavoured to speak loudly. A vote of thanks was recorded for Mr. Walters for removing the ivy from 30 trees at a copse at Stickling Green. Cllr Gill attended the UDC Local Parish Forum, she was informed that there would be a Street Beat in Clavering on 9th March. As the notification was too late for the Newsletter this went out on the PC facebook page and Cllr Gill visited the Over 60’s group to allay any worries. Hare-coursing was seen in the village and police advice to dial 999 was followed. A letter of thanks for the donations given over at the Carols on the Green from Clavering Care has been received. EALC approached Cllr Gill last week to ask that Clavering Parish Council are a Pilot Council for drawing up a Local Health and Wellbeing Plan so this will be brought to the Council next month, but with the Clerk, other organisations in the village will be approached for information before then to help inform the writing of the plan.

The Clerk informed Cllr Gill this that morning that she was unable to attend tonight due to illness. Some agenda items were moved to next month’s meeting as they required the input of the Clerk as Proper Officer/RFO; Item 8 Training, Item 16 Charities, Item 18 Council Policies for review. Minutes were to be written up by the Clerk with reference to the recording – though the Chair will scribe notes.

Apologiesforabsence-CllrStanfordillnessreportedontheafternoonofthemeeting.Herapologieswereaccepted P: Cllr Gill. S: Cllr Clayton In Fav: 8. Item 22.3 Review of the Accounts – report deferred to next month.


To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, Personal Interests or Personal and Prejudicial interests.
Cllr Clayton: Personal and Prejudicial as nearby resident if Stickling Green discussed - Item 20 Clerk’s report.
Cllr Carter: Personal and Prejudicial as son owner of house in Close - Item 10 Oxley’s Close
Cllr Ryan: Pecuniary as owner of property – item Planning 7.1 Black Lodge
Cllr Gill: Personal & Prejudicial as Council Appointed Trustee - Item 13 Jubilee Field donation. NB Dispensation held for Item 12, Jubilee Field application for ‘Funding for Projects’ grant.

4 PublicParticipationSession

The Chairman reminded the meeting of the Standing Orders concerning questions raised during the public participation session and responses required.
A parishioner asked questions concerning the external audit which the Chairman answered, also referring the parishioner to the minutes of the previous month and stating that one question asked would be referred to the Clerk. The chair thanked the parishioner for her questions.
A parishioner handed over a cheque for Allotment rent. The Chair thanked him.
The newly elected Chairman of the Jubilee Field Committee introduced herself. The Chair thanked her.
The parishioner who delivers the 175 newsletters asked whether he could be accompanied on the April delivery by Parish Councillors in order to knock on doors in the hope of obtaining email addresses. He was thanked by the Chair. A parishioner handed order an FOI letter sent originally by email to the Clerk; he requested short answers to his questions. He was thanked by the Chair. In response to a councillor’s question the Chair stated that the letter and its contents would be dealt with by the clerk.
A parishioner attempted to ask a direct question of Cllr Cook; the Chair reminded him of Adopted Standing Order 2a) and asked him to moderate his language and questions and reminded him that questions were to be addressed to the Chairman. The parishioner continued and the Chairman ascertained that the question related to a Confidential Meeting of the Standard Committee and the parishioner had received a written response on this matter in the last month from the Clerk. She asked him send a letter to the Clerk on the matter, cease speaking on the matter and take his seat. As he did not do so, the Chairman called for a vote under Adopted Standing Orders 2b).
Proposal: That the Parishioner no longer be heard P: Cllr Gill S: Cllr Clayton. Recorded vote requested
In Fav: Cllr Ryan, Cllr Patmore, Cllr Carter, Cllr Clayton, Cllr Gill, Cllr Barrow. Against: Cllr Couchman Abstain: Cllr Cook. The Parishioner continued to speak so under Adopted Standing Order 2c) the Chairman called a recess for 5 minutes to allow the Parishioner to leave the meeting.
The Parishioner left the meeting and the meeting resumed its business.

5 Toapproveandsignminuteofpreviousmeetings
The minutes of the Clavering Parish Council meeting held on 10th February 2020 were approved. P: Cllr Carter S: Cllr Clayton In Fav: 6, Ag: 1, Ab:1
The in-camera report of Clavering Parish Council meeting held on 10th February 2020. 7 in fav, ab: 1, of receipt.

6 DistrictandCountyCouncillorsReports-Toreceivereports. District Councillor Report:


As a member of the UDC Standards Committee, Cllr Oliver informed the meeting that the Standards Committee do deal with matters under ‘Part 2’ ie ‘Confidential’ or ‘In camera’ and so such are not for open discussion afterwards. Cllr Oliver referred Local Plan email sent by the Leader of UDC Council, Cllr Lodge. There will be an Emergency Meeting 31st March to discuss the way forward for the Local Plan. He advised that a Gladman Appeal taken to the High Court re. 240 houses at Felsted had not been successful & the judge had not allowed S7 of the UDC Local Plan (2005) to be ‘thrown out’.

County Councillor Report: Cllr Gooding advised that in Uttlesford 89% of children had received their first preference for schooling. The ECC Budget was set: Extra money has been allocated to Youth Services. Funds have been allocated to combatting ‘holiday hunger’ for children in ‘Just About Managing Families’ and there will be provisions made linked to providing sporting activities also; an Essex Velo event in conjunction with the Active Essex Foundation later this year (which will pass through Saffron Walden), will raise funds to sustain this initiative in future years.

7 Planning

Cllr Clayton declared a pecuniary interest in ‘The Shovellers’ as owner of neighbouring property and left the meeting for its discussion.
Cllr Ryan left the meeting for ‘Black Lodge’ discussion.

7.1 To be discussed: Planning Reference UTT/20/0275/HHF,



UTT/20/0350/HHF UTT/20/0374/LB

Planning Reference


14 Skeins Way, Clavering
The Shovellers, Stickling Green

Court Lodge, Stickling Green

Black Lodge Mill End



Double storey rear extension

Retention of windows and doors in the extension approved under UTT/16/2964/LB

Proposed single storey rear extension and conservatory

Replacement outbuildings



Awaiting decision No Comment Awaiting decision No comment as Listed Building

Awaiting decision No Comment as Listed Building Awaiting decision No Comment




18 Skeins Way, Clavering

Demolition of single storey brick and timber lean to structure to the side elevation and erection of a double storey extension.

Awaiting decision No Comment



Yeomans Cottage, Wicken Road

Demolition of existing garage and sheds, and construction of timber framed car port with garden store (revised scheme to that approved under UTT/19/3032/HHF).

Awaiting decision No Comment



Deers Green, Robin Hill Cock Lane

Section 73A Retrospective application for change of use of annexe to
separate dwelling.



Land West Of Stortford Road

Technical Details pursuant to Planning in Principle ref UTT/18/3326/PIP for the erection 8 dwellings

Awaiting decision (10.01.2020)


Land Adj. To Stevens Farm Wicken Road Clavering Essex

Outline application with all matters reserved except access for the erection of 1 no. dwelling


UTT/20/0202/HHF UTT/20/0203/LB

Roast Farm Langley Road Clavering Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4SQ

Proposed two storey side extension (revised scheme to approved UTT/17/0266/HHF and UTT/17/0267/LB)

Awaiting decision (23.03.2020) WITHDRAWN by Applicant


Pleasant View Hill Green Clatterbury Lane

First floor rear extension and cladding to all walls above brickwork.

Awaiting decision



Clavering Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4QS

7.3 To discuss any other planning applications received subsequent to the agenda being published and/ or shown on the Uttlesford District Council website up until 3pm on the day of the meeting. None.
7.4 UDC Survey – To determine whether to complete UDC Scrutiny Committee (S106 & Planning Obligations T&F Group) Survey Questionnaire. Proposal: that Cllr Gill respond on behalf of the Council P: Cllr Cook S: Cllr Carter, Abstain: 1, 7 in Fav.
7.5 Appeal Ref: APP/C1570/W/19/3241983 Ashcroft, Wicken Road, Wicken Bonhunt, Essex, CB11 3UL – Appeal allowed.


Greengages Sheepcote Green Sheepcote Green Lane Clavering, Essex CB11 4SJ

Single storey side extension



17 Eldridge Close Clavering Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4FZ

Erection of two storey side extension


Items 12 and 13 taken here with Council permission.
12. Jubilee Field Grant Application – To determine whether to support the Jubilee Field Playground grant application made under Funding for Projects – Funds from Earmarked reserves. Current Balance available: £18,037.21.
After discussion – Proposal: That £5,000 be donated as seed money to the Playground Refurbishment thus enabling further grants to be sourced. P: Cllr Carter, S: Cllr Cook, 7 In Fav, Abst 1.
Jubilee Field to send over details of the project including pictures of equipment.
Cllr Gill left the meeting. Cllr Clayton took the Chair.
13. Jubilee Field – To determine whether to contribute towards the Jubilee Field grass cutting. Parish Council have agreed up to 10 cuts and have budgeted £900 for 2019/20 – To note there are 16 scheduled cuts for 2020 at £110 per cut. After discussion – Proposal: that £900 be donated to the Jubilee Field Committee towards grass cutting grass cutting. P: Cllr Carter, S: Cllr Cook, In Fav: 4, Ag: 2, Abst: 2
Cheque to be written: Cheque no. 1889.
Cllr Gill returned to the meeting.
A parishioner and Cllr Oliver left the meeting.


Training – Deferred - A training plan has been received from EALC, two days of Councillor Training for Cllr Couchman £95 + VAT per day, and a Full Council training session held in Clavering, with topics to be determined £395 + VAT. To determine topics and a date for training.

Free Trees – Rye Street Garage are offering free trees to celebrate 30 years in Business. They will be offering local organisations 18,000 trees. The saplings that are available are as follows: Alnus Glutinosa Alder, Silver birch, Cherry Prunus Avium Gean, Hazel, Crab Apple, Field Maple Acer, Hawthorn, Rowan. To determine how many trees to request, and determine where they will be planted. Clerk instructed to contact Ben Smeeden, UDC Tree Officer, to ascertain if a Field Maple is an acceptable tree to be planted on Hill Green to replace a failed cherry; this would be next to the Frog Pond opposite Derrynane. If acceptable, Clerk to contact Rye Street and ask for the tree: Cllr Carter will plant and stake.

10. Oxley’s Close Speed Reduction and other Highways issues – To receive an update. Cllr Carter not required to leave the room as Cllr Stanford & Gill yet to find a mutual time to meet to look at Oxley’s Close issues. Other Highways issues: Clerk’s Report notes a chaser sent to Rissa Long.

11. Safeguarding - What steps are the PC taking to safeguard councillors from increasing levels of harassment, verbal abuse, trespass, physical damage to property, false allegations, libel and slander? The Clerk has contacted EALC on this and also the police have been contacted. In answer to a question, the Chair confirmed that this did not relate to any matters in the Confidential Meeting of the UDC Standards Committee in January.

14. Inspection of Parish Land – To organise an inspection of Lower Hill Green, next to Highways track as bee orchids have been spotted, and to determine whether the grass cutting schedule needs to be amended. Determined that Cllrs Carter and Gill look at and re-measure the sightline at Lower Hill Green detailed in the contractor’s specification for grass cutting and whether this should be amended re. the bee orchids.

Cllr Gooding arrived.

15. Tree work – To retrospectively approve a quote from Treetops to clear the storm damage and tidy up the tear to the trunk of the sallow willow on Hill Green, £200 plus VAT. Clerk has instructed Treetops under Emergency Spending with permission from the Chairman, other quotes received have been outside of the spending limit. The tree has fallen on to a parishioner’s hedge and into their garden. Noted that work was carried out 9th March. Proposal: for retrospective approval of tree works as detailed. P: Cllr Clayton, S: Cllr Carter, All in fav.

Clerk instructed to send letter of thanks to Treetops for their carrying out the work with no damage caused to the Village Green. Cllr Barrow noted that work had also been carried out to the base of the Lime Trees at Lower Hill Green by Treetops – possible ivy removal?

16.Deferred: Charities – To determine whether to make a donation from 2019/20 remaining budget ‘Community Fund’. To receive a letters seeking donations from Citizens Advice Bureau, Home Start Essex, Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, and Support for Sight.

17.Defibrillator to be sited at the south-west part of the village: To receive an update. Electricians have been delivered the specifications – no quotes yet received. Chair asked Councillors to chase those who had been contacted.

18.Deferred: Council Policies for review: Dignity at Work/Bullying and Harassment Policy, advice from EALC - policy that applies to Councillors and to the Clerk of the Council, so the Council needs to decide if it is appropriate to include it in the policy. If Councillors are either likely to be accused of libel or slander, it may need to be added. P: Disciplinary and Grievance Policy – Staffing Committee changed to Employment Committee P:

19.VE Weekend – To receive a report and determine action. Cllr Gill, declaring an interest as a Trustee of the Jubilee Field, stated that as there was no Jubilee Field Representative present, she would inform the meeting that the Jubilee Field are planning a community venture at the Field though they would need to hire the Village Hall as a wet weather contingency and are looking to the PC to help support this event. Moved to next meeting when more details will be known.

20.Representative Reports

Allotments – Cllr Gill brought the relevant Land Registry Map to the meeting. Cllr Carter informed the meeting that Mr Noble had spoken to him in the past week and has confirmed that he does own the ditch, as the CPC map shows also.
Proposal: That Mr Noble and/or his contractor are given permission to work from Parish Council Land to clear the ditch and also a possible blocked land drain. P Cllr Gill S Cllr Clayton, All in fav. Clerk instructed to advise Mr Noble of this permission soonest by email.
Cllr Patmore handed over two allotment cheques (£58.50 and £6.50) He requested that the Clerk confirm to him by email any fees paid directly into the bank account, with the plot numbers if known, for the Allotment Book records.

Jubilee Field – Report received.

Byways and Footpaths - Cllr Couchman asked that Footpath 39 be looked at by the CPC as a blockage has

been reported to him. It was ascertained that this footpath is at Sheepcote Green through to Roast Green

and crosses Parish Council owned land.

Website and Email – Cllr Cook informed the meeting he has been assured that the website will be ready for

viewing in the next few days and will be up-and-running on 1st April.

Village Green Working Party – Report received.

Village Sign Working Party – Report received.

UALC – Report received.

Passenger Transport – Report received.

Newsletter – The Playground Committee have asked that an article on the playground be placed in the PC

Newsletter. It is rather a large article and contains a colour photo of the project. Does the PC grant permission to attach the file email forwarding the CPC newsletter file? The Playground Group have printed out copies of the file which I am happy to deliver to those who take a paper copy of the newsletter. Determined that the Jubilee Field be asked to place the file on their website (part of Village Hall’s) and a link advised in the newsletter.

Parishioner left the meeting.
20 Clerks report - General correspondence and monthly report circulated.
21 Risk Assessment Book - Defib at hall checked 9.3.2020 and found to be ‘rescue ready’. Black Plastic Waste Bin

opposite Village Hall on Upper Hill Green broken and smashed after recent high winds. Clerk instructed to seek costs for a bin to replace this more in keeping with wooden bins on the green as Conservation Area report had highlighted some years ago that the black bin style was not suitable. Noted also that Black Plastic Waste Bin next to Post Box and Information Box also has a damaged lid. Clerk instructed to ascertain if this bin is owned by UDC as is on their land.

22 Finance
22.1 To approve cheques - Approval of the Clerk’s additional hours. P: Cllr Gill S: Cllr Clayton, All in fav.
To approve all other cheques listed - P: Cllr Barrow S: Cllr Cook, In Fav: 7 Abst: 1 – as beneficiary of cheque no. 1888.
Councillors confirmed that they understood the grant to the Jubilee Field would be paid over at a later date, though the accounts for the end of this financial year will show the amount of £5,000 as a commitment to pay. 22.2 Saffron Walden Building Society – Following the agreement at the February Meeting the rate of interest has reduced to 1.25% from 1.55% that was quoted in February. Previously the extra income earned on £5000


would have been £67.50, it would now be £52.50, a difference of £15. To determine whether to go ahead with the transfer. Proposal: the transfer goes ahead: P: Cllr Cook S: Cllr Barrow All in fav.
22.3 Review of the Accounts – To receive a report- deferred. To note: there is an expectation for the 2019/20 budget to be overspent mainly due to extra Clerking hours required though the year (Gen Reserves should be approx. £12,000); The Clerk has submitted a VAT return to reclaim approx. £700 which if not received will reduce the end of year figure. There will be virements: £500 to legal expenses; £500 less this year’s election cost to election expenses; £65 to repairs and renewals (defib); £4000 to Audit Challenge. Earmarked reserves of Repairs and renewals will be approx. £1500 less due to works to trees and parish land required this year.

Credit Received

Allotments £58.50 Not paid in prior to the agenda being published:
Allotments £6.50 SLCC contribution £14

Wages s/o
Balance at NatWest Bank 4th March 2020
Balance of Clerk’s Expenses Account 4th March 2020

£523.68 £7,763 £82.03


Clerk’s Expenses Account 14.02.2020 18.02.2020


Cheque 1883


1886 1887


Total of Cheques to be paid
Total of Outstanding

After above Cheques


Clerk’s Expenses Printer Ink Clerk’s Expenses Adobe Acrobat


EALC – Joy Darby retirement

Clerk’s Expenses Account top up
CCC – Hall rent February GWB – Allotment Hedges

Jubilee Field – Grass Cutting Contribution

Amount Total

£6.66 £7.99 £8.32 £9.98

£17.97 Amount Total



£25 £450 £540

£900 £1,709.12



£1.33 £1.66






Clerk’s Expenses – mileage EALC 27th February CiLCA training,

Additional hours – 9.75 CiLCA, audit challenge, dispute. Parking EALC


£99.06 £2.50





S. M. Gill – Expenses: Photocopies of Land Registry Maps for Village Green Working Party. January Newsletter February Newsletter Copy of Local Councils Explained 2013edition Claim only for the Clerk’s copy


£12.83 £22.50 £14.99


£3.20 £2.57


A parishioner left the meeting.

23 Items for next agenda:

All deferred items from this meeting adding to Item 8 Training, ‘Who is paying?’:
Newsletter Email Distribution.
Cllr Couchman asked that a motion relating to trees on Stickling Green he sent to the Clerk (too late for this meeting) be added to the agenda. He asked that the clerk circulate the motion and the background information prior to the next agenda and meeting documents being sent out.

Two parishioners left the meeting; the Chairman thanked them for attending.

24 Dispute

Under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 and in accordance with 3d pursuant to Standing Order 11,

it is resolved that the Public are excluded from any discussion on this item as it concerns a dispute.

P: Cllr Clayton S: Cllr Barrow. Named vote requested. In Fav: Cllr Gill, Cllr Barrow, Cllr Ryan, Cllr Patmore, Cllr Cook, Cllr Carter, Cllr Clayton. Ag: Cllr Couchman
An update was received.

25 Complaints

Under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 and in accordance with 3d pursuant to Standing Order 11, it is resolved that the Public are excluded from any discussion on this item as it concerns complaints. P: Cllr Clayton S: Cllr Carter, All in fav.

To receive complaints from 2 parishioners.
Proposal: For the first Parishioner - that the Clerk seeks advice if the complaint can be answered by the Parish Council.

P: Cllr Gill S: Cllr Ryan, 7 In Fav Abst: 1

For the second Parishioner: The Chair advised that the Clerk, with reference to the CPC Complaints Policy, considered the first complaint addressed to Clavering Parish Council to be vexatious, and the second complaint concerned a matter of which the Clerk had no knowledge and so this had been passed to the Monitoring Officer.

Meeting ended 9.30pm